Sunday, October 3, 2010

Developing Global Vision

                                                                      "Global vision recognizing and reacting to international marketing opportunities, using effective global marketing strategies, and being aware of threats from foreign competitors in all markets". The way Nike focus on its global vision is through its long term strategy focused on innovation, collaboration, transparency, and advocacy to prepare the company, to thrive in a sustainable economy. To do so Nike considerers design combines sustainability principles and innovative performance products for athletes by reducing toxics and waste and increasing the use of environmentally preferred materials. Using GX a web based marketplace designed to share intellectual property, to capture sharing and licensing patents that, when used by someone else, could lead to unlimited innovation in helping solve sustainability issue's. Work more with contract factories to train them in the implementation of specialized lean manufacturing, so that decision making is closer to the worker through skill building, teamwork and understanding. Using sports more to promote social change, because it builds networks of social entrepreneurs and community innovators and for its ability to drive positive social, economic and cultural change. And last to aim ahead of the curve of mandatory regulation, energy price increases and volatility and consumer pressure, by their formation of new coalition of consumer companies called business for innovation climate and energy policy, which is advocating for strong U.S climate and energy legislation with the aim of creating a level playing field through a cost on carbon and unblocking innovation that is essential creating technology and infrastructure solutions.

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