Saturday, September 11, 2010

Strategic planning & Ethics & Responsiblity

                               Nike's strategic planning consist of there mission statement, values statement, and visions statement. There mission statement for Nike is to surpass all competition in the athletic industry. Nike's values statement focuses its commitment to stock holders , and pushing forward to make strides to becoming a company that sets the bar for social responsibility. To end Nike's strategic planning  concludes with there visions statement is simple just remain the leader in there industry, by satisfying the customer with there ever changing needs. Nike shoe company ethics are based around intending to introduce corporate responsibility as a integral part of its business. The company is more leaning towards making sourcing  decisions based not only on prices, quality and delivery, but on management  environmental , health and safety programs. Nike's responsibility is focused on innovation , collaboration , transparency ,and advocacy to prepare the company to thrive in a sustainable economy.

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