Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ethics and Social Responsibility

                                              Over the years Nike has become the biggest leader in the athletic shoe industry and a global entity, but with it ethical issues has been brought up. One example is the Nike sweatshop labor case  that stirred up a big amount of controversy over ethical business practices. Nike being worth 15 billion or more outsourced its manufacturing  plants to different countries in order to lessen cost in making there products, and become more efficiently productive. The outcome of everything was far from what Nike expected , the company put children in hazardous condition for very low subsistence wages violating child labor laws. Nike took advantage of overseas workers an placed them in destructive working environments , putting some of them in departments with chemicals which led them to having skin or breathing problems. With all this going on the discovery became public knowledge instead of confidential bringing the government of other country's to get involved , making Nike take social responsibility for their actions. Nike joined a task force called fair job labor association to access whether companies are abiding by the code and banish sweatshops, in the athletic shoe and clothes industry. To better themselves Nike redeemed itself by slashing over time, improve safety and ventilation, and reduce the use of toxic chemicals. Its good to see Nike took steps to improve the accusations they were accused of  , but should have been taken care of as soon as it they were aware of them.


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